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Hnit-Baltic group, consisting Hnit-Baltic UAB (Lithuania), Envirotech SIA (Latvia) and AlphaGIS OÜ (Estonia), serves public and private customers in the Baltic States by implementing geospatial analytics, location intelligence, mapping, and other IT solutions powered by Esri ArcGIS  - modern GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology. 
Hnit-Baltic is the official distributor of Esri, the global market leader in GIS. The group offers a geographic approach to problem solving, adjusts and customizes GIS software products according to customer demands and workflows, develops industry-oriented applications and spatial datasets, assures user support, provide consultation and training, helps customers integrating spatial and non-spatial data and systems.
The GIS products are applied in a wide variety of industries & activities like mapping, business analysis, asset management in state and local government, real estate, utilities and other infrastructure companies, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), transportation, public security, national defense, forestry, telecommunications, natural resources, etc.
Besides commercial activities companies actively contribute to rising Geography and GIS awareness in schools and higher education, organize events, participate in various non-profit projects, develop public map portals and open spatial datasets, launch GIS contests and other creative initiatives for pupils, students and teachers.