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Baltic Esri User Conference

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Matt Piper

Matt Piper is the Global Director for Industry Solutions at Esri and Leads the Infrastructure and Digital Twins sector. Matt is a Professional Engineer who has 20 years working in the Utilities industry. Known for being a respected subject matter expert in Asset Management, GIS and Business Intelligence, Digital Twins and as an Industry thought leader on how the value of GIS can be applied across an organization.



Aivo Vard

Aivo Vard is the Managing Director of AlphaGIS. He has extensive experience in consulting organizations in the field of GIS, as well as Esri technology innovations and tools to help transition organizational operations to become more effective. 


Dr. Aleksandrs Popovs

Dr. Aleksandrs Popovs is a highly accomplished architect with over 17 years of experience driving digital and business transformations. Combining work and academic experience Aleksandrs brings a unique blend of knowledge and skills totackle complex transformation initiatives. Currently Aleksandrs is acting as SAP Business & Enterprise architect for EMEA region.

RB Rail

Rūdolfs Vingris

Rūdolfs Vingris, a GIS specialist contributing to the Rail Baltica Global Project, brings 10 years of expertise in cartography, engineering-utilities, and transportation industries. Passionate about the increasing potential of GIS, Rūdolfs is actively seeking how to expand the usage of geospatial solutions. Being part of the Rail Batica Global Project since 2021, he will provide valuable insight into the utilization of GIS in the Rail Batica megaproject.

Siauliai Municipality Administration

Oksana Mejere

Oksana Mejere has been the Deputy Head of the City Coordination Division at Siauliai City Municipality since 2022. She plays a vital role in the Traffic Organisation Committee and NGO Council within the municipality. With a solid educational background, Oksana holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Education, focusing on Intercultural Education and Mediation, as well as a Master's in Law and Management. Her career from 2004 to 2015 included roles as a project manager and lecturer at Siauliai University, where she sharpened her skills in project management and public administration. Oksana is known for her contributions to various publications and her active involvement in international conferences and projects, demonstrating her expertise in making administrative processes more effective. She is also deeply involved in launching and managing innovative projects aimed at improving public services and smart city initiatives, such as cross-border cooperation for public safety and efficiency, developing control solutions for urban maintenance, and digital energy management systems for municipal institutions. Her efforts, along with her team's, have significantly advanced the Smart City IS project.

Ignitis Group

Rūta Glemžienė

Rūta Glemžienė brings extensive experience in IT project management to her role at Ignitis Group, where she leads critical technology initiatives. With a strong background in managing complex IT projects, she specializes in driving efficiency, innovation, and digital transformation strategies. At Ignitis Group, Rūta has successfully overseen the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions, contributing significantly to the company’s digital infrastructure and operational excellence. Her expertise in project planning, team leadership, and stakeholder management has been pivotal in achieving project milestones and delivering value to the business.


Andrius Mackevičius

Andrius Mackevičius holds the position of Head of Network Data Management at Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (ESO), tasked with the oversight of the company's energy network data. He plays a key role in leading the transition to the ArcGIS Utility Network, directing the adoption of new technologies to improve energy management and distribution. Under his leadership, ESO aims to enhance operational efficiency and ensure high-quality service to customers.

Estonian Environmental Board

Janar Aleksandrov

Janar Aleksandrov has over 15 years of diverse experience at the Ministry of the Environment, taking on roles such as environmental inspector and permit officer for nature reserves. Since 2019, he's been the lead expert in information and communication, specifically managing drone activities for the Environmental Board. Janar is in charge of roughly 50 drones and 70 pilots, handling their coordination, training, and sharing important information about airspace operations.

Vilniaus vandenys

Dainius Vaitkus

Dainius Vaitkus, born and raised in Lithuania, has a diverse background as a fisherman, volunteer soldier, and a dedicated public sector worker. Starting his career in sales and marketing, he joined Vilniaus Vandenys in 2017, contributing significantly in various roles:

  • 2017 to 2019: Project Manager for Customer Experience, enhancing service satisfaction.
  • 2019 to 2023: Head of Customer Service, leading customer support improvements.
  • 2023 to present: Director of Emergency Services and New Infrastructure, focusing on innovation and crisis management.

Besides, since 2019, Dainius has leveraged his experience as a business consultant, advising on business strategy and operations. His journey showcases his leadership skills and commitment to community service.

State Data Agency of Lithuania

Jana Vanagė

Jana Vanagė, a GIS specialist at the State Data Agency of Lithuania will explore the significance and practical uses of open data, focusing on how it can improve decision-making and operational efficiency across different industries. Jana will share insights on the benefits of open data, emphasizing its role in promoting transparency and accessibility in both governmental and business contexts.

Riga Airport

Alvis Šerenda

Alvis Šerenda has been a specialist in aeronautical data and information at Riga Airport since 2017, focusing primarily on handling obstacle data. Alongside this, he has applied his expertise to develop and implement Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions at the airport. With experience in ESRI GIS technology dating back to 2001, he will share his insights on utilizing Esri ArcGIS at Riga Airport in his presentation.

Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment

Santa Grandovska

Santa Grandovska has been a valuable GIS specialist at "Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment" (SIA) for two years, significantly enhancing company's abilities to manage and analyze spatial data. Her daily tasks primarily involve creating maps for a range of projects, especially for Environmental Impact Assessment reports. Over the past year, Santa has been instrumental in our smooth switch from ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Enterprise. This move has allowed better share, manage, and visualize data thanks to the more sophisticated features of ArcGIS Enterprise.

In her role, Santa has streamlined the way we organize data on server, making it easier for everyone to access and find the information they need. She excels at managing user groups and setting appropriate data sharing levels, which boosts teamwork among staff, experts, and clients.

As GIS specialist, Santa continues to play a key role in advancing geospatial technologies, solidifying our position as a frontrunner in using GIS for environmental management.

Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture

Robertas Motuzas

Robertas Motuzas currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. In his presentation he will showcase how the ArcGIS tools have enabled the Department of Cultural Heritage to achieve a breakthrough in organizational management and transition towards the digitization of many of our functions. This was achieved with efficient use of human and financial resources, while also changing the organization's employees' perception of the need for digitization and its benefits and advantages.

Estonian Environment Agency

Kairi Vint

Kairi Vint is part of the Estonian Environment Agency and focuses on developing climate maps for Estonia. Her role encompasses analyzing climate data and using GIS (Geographic Information System) to visualize this information. In this presentation, Kairi will introduce her newest project, the Estonian Forest and Agricultural Soil Monitoring StoryMap, which highlights recent findings and insights.


Florian Brandi-Dohrn

Florian has been working in the field of GIS and Utilities and Infrastructure since more than 20 years and has a very good knowledge of the key business processes. He is working for VertiGIS and currently holds the position of Partner Manager.

City of Tartu

Tiiu Kelviste

Tiiu Kelviste, Head of Geospatial Solutions at Public Services Development Team, directs urban spatial data and geoinformation systems development projects, and designs and implements the strategy of the field. Her role is to coordinate activities related to the use of spatial data in the city government of Tartu and institutions administered by the city. Having years of experience in developing the public services (digital turnaround) of the city government of Tartu and, more broadly, in developing the digital persona of the city as a whole.

Hendrikson & Ko

Jaanus Padrik

Jaanus Padrik brings a wealth of expertise as a Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist, with a solid background spanning more than a decade. His experience has been sharpen through collaboration with leading environmental and planning consultants at Hendrikson DGE. Throughout his tenure, Jaanus has developed a deep understanding of GIS applications, contributing significantly to projects that require intricate planning and environmental analysis. His work involves leveraging spatial data to support decision-making processes, showcasing his ability to integrate technology with strategic planning needs. Jaanus's contributions have been instrumental in enhancing project outcomes, making him a valuable asset to the Hendrikson DGE team and the broader field of GIS and environmental planning.

Riga City Council

Sandra Caune

Sandra Caune, an IT project manager for the Riga City Council, has over 20 years of experience in IT. She played a significant role in creating Riga's first digital map and has been overseeing the development of the geospatial information system of the Riga City Council - GEO RĪGA from technical perspective in recent years.


Kęstutis Vėta

Kęstutis Vėta is the project manager for data platform development at Litgrid, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator. He has a strong background in managing different aspects of IT projects, including planning, overseeing, implementing, and finalizing them. Kęstutis has a keen interest in the growing capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He is actively working to enhance the use of GIS solutions in the maintenance of the electricity transmission network.

Klaipeda state seaport

Ligita Venckuvienė

Ligita Venckuvienė is a GIS administrator at Klaipeda state seaport authority since 2015, where the boundaries of her responsibility range from data collection, processing, process optimization to the development of applications for both stationary workplaces and field work. During her tenure, an ESRI Award for Outstanding Achievement in GIS was received.For two years, he mentored Klaipeda Baltic high school students, created various projects, mobile apps together and shared work experience with young people. Previously, she worked in the design of electrical networks, later as a computer engineer and in accounting for auditors - she found herself in a GIS environment, which successfully combined all the experiences she had gained up to that point.

Estonian Land Board

Ivo Sibul

Ivo Sibul serves as Advisor at the Estonian Land Board’s Department of Geology, having nearly two decades of experience with geological data acquisition, analysis, and delivery. Recently he obtained his PhD degree in geophysics from Tartu University. Currently he is involved in the Land Board’s Geo3D initiative aiming towards 3D national mapping, as well as seamless integration of aboveground and underground data. One step along this path is creating the 3D Geology Web App together with his colleague Andres Kasekamp, the co-author of the presentation from the Department of Geoinformatics.

Rīga Local Government City Development Department

Diāna Korbe

Master of Laws from University of Latvia, MBA from Riga Business School. More than 10 years of experience working in the Rīga municipality with improvement of geospatial data circulation, GIS (GEO RĪGA) development and in recent years with the development of Rīga Smart City.

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Andres Mumma

Andres Mumma brings two decades of expertise in fire and rescue services, which have proven invaluable in delivering education and training in state internal security. We aim to become a leading provider of more effective education and training in internal security through the use of virtual simulation techniques. In his presentation, Andres Mumma will showcase how ArcGIS Pro can enhance UAV operations, focusing on pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight analytics.

The State Service of Protected Areas

Vita Monkuvienė

Vita is a seasoned GIS professional with a strong background in ecology. She loves field work just as much as post-processing and analysing data. With experience in setting up and maintaining geospatial systems for wildlife monitoring and conservation projects Vita is supporting decision making and environmental policies at Lithuania's State Service of Protected Areas.

Tallinn Strategic Management Office

Abdelrahman Elkhatib

Abdelrahman Elkhatib is a skilled 3D graphics designer with expertise in 3D modeling. He is currently leveraging cutting-edge 3D technology to create top-quality visualizations for the Tallinn Digital Twin project, along with innovative tools. His goal is to merge the virtual and real worlds, supporting the Tallinn GIS department in maintaining its leading edge in the digital age. Working at the crossroads of technology and urban planning, Abdelrahman is dedicated to transforming Tallinn and guiding it towards a more intelligent future.


Linda Veidemane

Linda Veidemane is a professional with more than 20 years of dedicated experience in the natural gas distribution system in Latvia. Throughout her extensive career, she has developed a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges within the energy sector, making significant contributions to its growth and efficiency. Currently, Linda holds the position of Lead GIS Engineer at GASO, Latvia's premier natural gas distribution system operator. In this role, she leverages her vast experience and technical skills to oversee and innovate in geographic information systems (GIS), ensuring the optimization and reliability of gas distribution networks. 

Municipality of Mārupe

Gundars Zadovskis

Gundars Zadovskis is a Geospatial Information Systems Specialist at the Municipality of Mārupe. His professional focus includes leading the growth of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), introducing innovative solutions, and enhancing public engagement and decision-making through GIS. Gundars is also skilled in spatial planning and development, as well as creating cartographic products.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Geomatics from Riga Technical University and a Master's degree in Spatial Planning from the University of Latvia.

Outside of work, Gundars enjoys folk dancing, hiking, traveling, and rogaining, showcasing his diverse interests and active lifestyle.

Rae Municipality

Salme Kahusk

Salme Kahusk, a GIS specialist at Rae Municipality, will share insights on integrating ArcGIS with various information systems. Her presentation will cover practical examples of these integrations and how they enhance operational processes.


Deniss Golubevs

Denis Golubevs, serving as a Fire Safety Technician, is deeply engaged in crafting and implementing innovative solutions to address a wide range of challenges within the field of fire safety. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of fire safety issues, demonstrating a robust commitment to enhancing safety protocols and preventive measures. In his upcoming presentation, Denis will explore the pivotal role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the realm of fire safety. He will delve into how GIS technology significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of fire safety operations, facilitating improved coordination and strategic planning. This presentation aims to shed light on the critical importance of integrating advanced technological tools like GIS in the comprehensive management and coordination of fire safety efforts, ultimately leading to safer environments and communities.

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Andrus Padar

Andrus Padar, an expert in counter-UAS strategies and a remote pilot at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, brings his experience as a retired police officer and former military cyber-defender to enhance national security through modern technology. He underscores the importance of GIS solutions in government ICT projects, especially for planning. Padar advocates for the use of 3D models and digital twins to analyze urban landscapes, aiding in the selection of optimal sites for C-UAS radar systems, cameras, and countermeasures like jammers and directed energy weapons. He will present on using 3D topographical models as a tool for counter-UAS planning.

State Real Estate

Alīna Zommere

Alīna is a seasoned GIS professional with a background in real estate and municipality field and with 6 years of hands-on experience in utilizing GIS. Alīna is playing a key rolle in SJSC “State Real Estate”  in enhancing our spatial analysis capabilities, streamlining data visualization processes, and integrating GIS into various projects across departments.

Jūrmalas ūdens

Gints Dakša

With a primary background in water and wastewater systems engineering, Gints initially adopted GIS as a tool to present network hydraulic model results to colleagues. Now, as the Head of the GIS Department at Jūrmalas ūdens Ltd., he is leading the transition from traditional paper maps to GIS. He is also enhancing existing workflows by integrating user-friendly GIS applications for both office and field staff. Gints is dedicated to enhancing his organization's locational intelligence by adding spatial context to other information systems.

ID Vilnius

Dominykas Petronis

GIS analyst at the company ID Vilnius, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have a general interest in geography, cartography and GIS technology. As an analyst, one of my main goals is to find new ways of utilizing GIS to plan and organize the city in the better way. Most of my tasks include the analysis of various spatial data and visualization of the results, automating processes and designing GIS databases.

Taurages vandenys

Arūnas Martišius

Arūnas Martišius, originally from Taurage, is a dynamic leader in the water management industry. Currently serving as the Head of the Water Supply Network Department at "Taurages vandenys" he manages the operation and maintenance of critical water supply systems. With two years of experience, Arunas is also advancing his expertise by pursuing a degree in Hydrotechnical Construction Engineering, further enhancing his capabilities in this vital sector.


Alise Goldberga

Alise Goldberga works at Envirotech as a GIS specialist. She helps and supports different organizations in creating effective workflows using ArcGIS capabilities to modernize their day-to-day tasks.


Brita Laura Ābelkoka

Brita Laura works at Envirotech as a GIS specialist. Her daily tasks are mainly related to application of ArcGIS standard functionality to specific workflows and implementing GIS solutions as an essential and effective tool. She is also part of our training team and teaches how to work with ArcGIS interactive environment – ArcGIS Online (ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS Dashboards and other apps).


Edijs Haberkorns

20 years experience with GIS, 10 of them at Envirotech working as a cartographer and GIS specialist.


Viktorija Gedroviča

Viktorija is a member of the Envirotech ArcGIS Online training team, serving as a trainer. She engages with clients daily, offering support and fulfilling sales manager duties.


Kārlis Kučinskis

Kārlis Kučinskis is system analyst at Envirotech, has 18 years experience with GIS.


Žygimantas Saruolis

Žygimantas Saruolis is an Aero and Space Imagery analyst with a strong background in Meteorology and Hydrology. His primary focus lies in the research and development of satellite data-driven solutions across various sectors, including agriculture, land use mapping and monitoring, climate monitoring, water management and more. He is also experienced in applying deep and machine learning methodologies alongside satellite data to explore novel ways of leveraging the data.


Svajūnas Vepštas

Svajūnas Vepštas works as a GIS analyst at Hnit-Baltic. Svajūnas specialising in the implementation of various Utility Network solutions, also configuring WEB and mobile applications to enhance engineering workflows. 

Svajūnas is map-centric, focusing on map visualisations and various methods of data representation. He ensures optimal benefits for users, and specialises in configuring mobile "Field Maps" applications.


Ramūnas Kraujutis

Ramūnas is senior software architect at Hnit-Baltic working more than 16 years with ArcGIS.


Jūratė Kriaučiūnienė

Meet Jūratė, a seasoned GIS analyst with over 8 years of experience in the field at Hnit-Baltic company. Her expertise lies in implementing cutting-edge ArcGIS Utility Network solutions for engineering companies. At the upcoming conference, Jūratė will be sharing fundamental insights into the world of ArcGIS Utility Network during a dedicated technical session.


dr. Marius Jakimavičius

Dr. Marius Jakimavičius is a Chief GIS Analyst at Hnit-Baltic. He is Esri certified ArcGIS Enterprise expert with 20+ years of experience in GIS software and technologies. His project activity is mostly related to transportation and utilities sector designing and building systems based on ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online technologies and transport network analysis, linear referencing capabilities. He participated in transportation and utilities sector projects implementing ArcGIS based solutions for Lithuanian Railways, Lithuanian Road Administration, Latvian State Roads, Electricity and natural gas distribution company ESO, Vilnius city municipality transport company "Susisiekimo Paslaugos"


Deividas Kutkevičius

Deividas is a experienced GIS Analyst at Hnit-Baltic, specializing in client support and research and development initiatives. With a background as an engineer surveyor in construction sites, Deividas brings experience in measurement techniques, LiDAR technology, drone operations, and photogrammetry to his current role. At Hnit-Baltic, he is instrumental in deploying CAD, BIM, 3D modeling, and photogrammetry solutions.


Raminta Povilaitytė

Raminta, a GIS Analyst at Hnit-Baltic, is all about making a difference through her work. She's your go-to person for creating practical systems using everyday tools like ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Experience Builder or ArcGIS Survey123 and always looking for innovative ways to push their limits. Armed with a Master's degree in Geography and Spatial Planning, she brings a grounded approach to her projects. At the conference, alongside technical sessions, Raminta will share her exciting research on different resident profiles in Vilnius City Municipality, offering insights into how everyday social dynamics shape our urban spaces. 


Mindaugas Rasiukevičius

Mindaugas Rasiukevicius is an IT solutions architect at Hnit-Baltic. Started career in Lithuanian Gas utility company as GIS specialist. Helped company to implement GIS from scratch to fully working Enterprise solution. Being a developer and utility network expert, currently helping other utility companies to implement GIS in their integration with other IT systems and everyday workflows. For the past several years actively specializing in ESRI Utility Network solutions. Participated in GIS data migration to Utility Network project for Lithuanian gas and electric operator company ESO.


Tõnis Laur

Tõnis Laur works as a Technology Manager at AlphaGIS, his responsibility is to define relevant architectures and solutions, work with customers to prepare Esri software implementation strategies. Tõnis has an extensive long-term experience as a GIS software consultant and as an educator.  He is also working on several major Estonian GIS projects as project manager or system architect.


Raido Valdmaa

Raido Valdmaa works at AlphaGIS as a Head of the Services Department and in his daily work, he helps organizations implement Esri technology into their work processes.


Ranel Suurna

Ranel Suurna is the head of the department and account manager at AlphaGIS. Ranel has extensive long-term experience as a GIS software consultant and as an educator who has taught thousands of people to use ArcGIS platform tools more effectively.


Triin Abrams

Triin Abrams works at AlphaGIS as a GIS & Remote Sensing Project Manager. She works with 3D and lidar data on a daily basis, supporting Esri 3D & remote sensing customers, giving courses and has carried out several major Estonian 3D GIS projects. 


Ivo Omer

Ivo Omer works at AlphaGIS as a Software Support Consultant. With a steadfast commitment to empowering Estonian Esri users, Ivo has become synonymous with success in navigating the complexities of Esri’s suite of software. His expertise spans a broad spectrum, from configuring immersive web applications using the innovative ArcGIS Experience Builder to implementation and maintenance of ArcGIS Enterprise deployments.


Ott Küüsmaa

Ott Küüsmaa works as a Data Analyst and a Developer at AlphaGIS. In addition to his role as a Data Analyst and Developer, he also shares his expertise as a GIS Consultant and conducts GIS courses. Regarding ArcGIS Indoors, he has experience in implementing the full ArcGIS Indoors solution, from BIM to web applications, in one of the university's campus buildings in Tallinn.

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