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Baltic Public Safety

20th October 2022 | Riga

Presentations and materials

About the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce public security sector representatives of Baltic States with newest technological innovations applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS), digital maps, geospatial analysis tools and application specifically for public safety and security. Also, a very important goal of the seminar is to provide an opportunity for public security sector customers to share best practice and positive experience in using GIS technologies, spatial data and developed geospatial solutions, which improves their activities, as well as to extend a network of professional contacts.

Presentations and materials

Esri – the world leading GIS provider

For more than 35 years ESRI has been helping people manage and analyze geographic information. ESRI offers a framework for implementing GIS technology in any organization with a seamless link from personal GIS on the desktop to enterprise-wide GIS client/server and data management systems. ArcGIS platform is helping users in every service, throughout most public safety services in many nations around the world. 

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